A 3-Step solution

Developed by Australian EdTech experts, this live remote examination solution expands the possibilities for educators and safeguards the integrity of virtual exams in the constantly evolving digital learning landscape.

Step 1. Prepare for the exam:

Before you begin the exam, you will need to make sure that you have a computer with reliable internet connection, a webcam, and a microphone. Additionally, you will need to clear your workspace and make sure that you have no prohibited materials or distractions in the room.

Step 2. Access invigilatorPlus:

Once you are ready, follow the access details displayed in your learning management system. On the invigilatorPlus platform, you will be able to see the instructions for the exam and begin the check-in process.

Step 3. Complete the check-in process:

This will involve a series of checks to verify your identity and ensure that you are in a secure testing environment. You may be required to show a valid photo ID and perform a scan of your room. Once your invigilator is satisfied that everything is in order, they will give you the green light to start the exam.

Exam begins

With a simultaneous start time for all students worldwide, each participant will gain access to their exam questions at the same time. AI technology and human invigilators will then monitor students during the exam to detect any issues and ensure academic integrity throughout.

Say goodbye to cheating

Conduct exams in a monitored environment that empowers you to combat cheating, delivers superior user experiences and accelerate student outcomes.


Powered by AI and live human monitoring, we can easily detect and determine potential violations of testing protocols to stop cheating and provide a deterrent for students to do the wrong thing.

Data security

Exam confidentiality and data protection are maintained throughout the entire testing process in line with strict Australian privacy standards, ensuring student data is kept safe and secure at all times on the platform.

Measuring metrics

Upon exam completion, invigilatorPlus provides educators with comprehensive reports and synchronised videos that provide valuable insights into exam findings, student performance and potential violations or issues.

Simplified integration

We integrate with your official Learning Management System or exam portal to guarantee secure access for remote test takers, whilst keeping your data safe.

Secured accessibility

Our platform was designed for a seamless experience for all users, regardless of ability or location, while maintaining the highest level of security.

Modular adoption

Our platform is flexible at the point of adoption. This modular approach allows providers to pivot more quickly, controlling exam scalability and therefore cost, student statisfaction and risk.

Elevate your exam experience

Now that online learning has become the new normal, remote exam delivery is following suit. Get in touch with us to see how easy it is to incorporate invigilatorPlus into your current setup.